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La Application.


La Basics.
Name:: Alysha Middleton (AKA Lysh)
Birthdate:: 4-10-88
Astrological Sign:: Aries
Current Location:: Quilcene, WA
Heritage:: I'm a mutt, wouldn't know what to call it specifically.
Natrual Hair Color:: Brown. (It's almost the same as I have now, a little bit lighter)
Religion:: Christian
Obessions:: Playing classical music on my flute (I -will- be famous for it one day ^__~), wrecking havoc, and being a total weirdo with my friends.

La Favorites.

Name your 15 top favorite bands:: The Rasmus, Billy Talent, Puffy Ami Yumi, Zeromancer, HIM, Papa Roach, Hoobastank, Train, Silverchair, Oasis, Shinedown, White Stripes, Breaking Benjamin, The Ramones.
Favorite Genre of Music:: Rock.
15 Top favorite Movies:: Edward Scissorhands, Pirates of the Carribean: The curse of the black pearl, Once upon a time in Mexico, After the sunsets, 28 days later, Braveheart, Captain Ron, Harold and Kumar go to White Castle,  Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers, Gone in 60 seconds, The Nightmare Before Christmas, LOTR: The two towers, LOTR: Return of the king.
Favorite Alcoholic beverage:: I don't really drink anymore (bad experiences), but when I did I -loved- straight vodka.
Favorite Book:: Sabriel - Garth Nix
Favorite Time Era:: 1790-1800...The fashion was awesome.
Favorite Animal:: Brazilian Boa Constrictor
Favorite Color:: Green
Favorite Song:: (currently) Siciliano - Malcom Arnold
Favorite Clothing Item:: My new earrings (shown in pics below) 
Favorite Incense Scent:: Jasmine

La Opinions.
::Pick atleast 3::

Prostitution:: Prostitutes shouldn't be looked down upon with such distaste. Sometimes that's really the only way a person can make money in this world. If it were to be legalized, they should be checked every month for HIV/AIDS and other STDs. Condoms would have to be a law for them. Put plain and simple, it should be made safe.

Gay Marriages:: Personally, I don't care what gender you are. Love is love people! As long as there's that connection, it shouldn't matter.

Legalizing Drugs:: This is a very controversial subject. My father has a prescription for marijuana, and it works wonders for him. Some people actually need it, some just want to get high. So until the government is smart enough to figure out a way to make it work, then it should stay by prescription only.

La Random Q.U.E.S.T.I.O.N.S
If you could have Lunch with Any Person In the whole world, dead or alive, who would it be, and where would you eat?- Jesus...I think I'd like to take him out for pizza.

How Many pets do you own, what are their names?- I have 3 rottweilers (Emmy, Duke, Stubby), 1 Mini Schnauzer (Lily), 2 cats (Tom, Jerry), and 2 parakeets (Freddy, Maggie)

What’s the Most Frightening Thing that’s ever happen to you?- That's a major tie. Either finding my grandmother dead in her bed, or seeing the guy my dad shot laying on the ground with half a head (from a distance).

What’s the Cruelest thing you’ve ever done to one of your friends?- Spread a nasty rumor that she had crabs...

What's The Last Movie you've seen in Theatres?- National Treasure

What would you like to do For a living?- Masseuse, or professional musician

if you could be ANY Mythological Creature, What would you be?:: Mermaid (Love the water)

Describe the perfect person, appearance wise:
(hair color, eye color, skin tone, so on, so forth)

Long, thick, black hair, electric green eyes, olive skin, hour glass figure, slightly longer than body legs, full lips (think Angelina Jolie), not too big of a chest, and long delicate hands.

Now, lets see your face.
(two pictures, at least) [NOTE: This is me on a really fucking lazy day. Defenitely not at my most "gothic" state. If I am accepted, the next pictures will be 200% better. Gracias!]

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