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Baby, Lilly Munster Ain't got nothing on you...

She's got a date at midnight With Noseratu.

Tragically Adorable
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Welcome to TragicDollies!
A community for the Enchanting, Dark, Lovely, and most of all Tragic.
If you feel you have what it takes, to be amongst some of the best dolls on Livejournal, Go ahead and apply.

If Small pink bunny rabbits scare you, please do yourself a favorite and turn back.

For New Dolls

[One] Fill out the application, with great thought. One liners, and Horrible grammar is a good way to get yourself rejected, but if you insist on presenting yourself as a idiot, please continue. We could sure use a laugh!

[two] Do not post or comment anywhere else in the community while you are being rated. 13 votes take the wrap, you have to have the majority of "yeses" to be accepted.

[Three] Respect the Moderator, as well as the Tragicdollies. they already past the rating phase, therefore they are techinically your superior until you are accepted.

[Four] IF you are accepted, post your accepted stamp, or a Community banner in your Userinfo right away.

[Five] Do not join, and be accepted and than fall off the face of the earth. be active, post pictures.

[Six] Post your application within the first 48 hours of joining, or you'll be automatically banned.

[Seven] Apon posting your application, title your Entry or LJ-Cut "Lilly Munster ain't got nothing on you."
Just to make sure your not a little cheat, and you read the rules.

[Eight] Put multiple pictures, as well as your application under a LJ-Cut.


La Application.


La Basics.
Astrological Sign::
Current Location::
Natrual Hair Color::

La Favorites.

Name your 15 top favorite bands::
Favorite Genre of Music::
15 Top favorite Movies::
Favorite Alcoholic beverage::
Favorite Book::
Favorite Time Era::
Favorite Animal::
Favorite Color::
Favorite Song:: (currently)
Favorite Clothing Item::
Favorite Incense Scent::

La Opinions.
::Pick atleast 3::

Pop Punk::


Alice In Wonderland::

The Munsters::


Gay Marriages::

Legalizing Drugs::

La Random Q.U.E.S.T.I.O.N.S
If you could have Lunch with Any Person In the whole world, dead or alive, who would it be, and where would you eat?-

How Many pets do you own, what are their names?-

What’s the Most Frightening Thing that’s ever happen to you?-

What’s the Cruelest thing you’ve ever done to one of your friends?-

What's The Last Movie you've seen in Theatres?-

What would you like to do For a living?-

if you could be ANY Mythological Creature, What would you be?::

Describe the perfect person, appearance wise:
(hair color, eye color, skin tone, so on, so forth)

Now, lets see your face.
(two pictures, at least)


Banners and Stamps